Food Sessions

An interactive sound and food experience where you must eat with your heart to get to know your fellow diners.

At the FIPA Biarritz on January 21st 2016.

In the Mouth is a series of unique food events where you can eat your way inside the mind of a chef with a mixed-up sense of taste.

Because food is more than taste when you eat with your heart.

Food Nights are collective suppers where the menu is based on your food biography.

Eat what you are.

Some stories are yours,
Some stories are ours,
But everything tastes as real as you want it to.

The Food nights

will be back in 2016.

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“It was like a schizophrenic tapas bar offering a strange insight into everyone else’s mind”.


In the Mouth experiences are inspired by Chef Nuno.

After losing his sense of taste, he had to rethink what eating and making food could mean for him. After all, what is food if not taste?

A living exhibit you can eat

The Poetic Food Centre is a sensory exhibit about the symbiosis between food and body. It explores Chef Nuno's unusual condition.

Smell, touch and taste your way into an intimate relationship with food.


The exhibit will be back with the food nights.

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A behind the scenes look.

See how it all comes together as In the Mouth's creator, Nicolas Fonseca, takes you through all of the steps.